Monday, November 1, 2010

Emanuel - sorry to hear what happened to Tara. Unfortunately it is beginning to be a problem, ie hackers. Hackers are pretty good at figuring out passwords. Passwords should be unique, should have a capital letter in it, as well as a number and even some form of punctuation mark in it. Passwords should be changed all the time - just ask Ryan, Wendy and I how often we have to change them at work ( I have to change mine every 42 days!). Don't give clues out to what your password could be as people can easily figure them out.

I am confident that the no one from the Shuya Family would accuse Tara of doing such a thing. We arent like that. I havent received an invite yet prompting me to add your mom to facebook or have her suggested as a possible friend but will watch out for that.

Just my thoughts!


  1. Thanks Michelle! You echoed my sentiments exactly.

  2. To all the shuya family.. I would like to say godbye. I have decied to file for a seperation and divorce..... I have meet someone way better.